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  • Today has been absolutely fantastic! We got up early and left Yuquibo to get on the ferry to Vieques. We played Mao on the ferry and then moved into our rooms with the best views (which are just too gorgeous for words) and then played a concert. Afterwards, we got some seriously delicious rice, chicken and arepas at the fort here and sat around eating outside. The fort has this stunning view of the island and ocean so we all hung out and took a bunch of photos before the man who owns (?) the museum there told us its story. It’s crazy to think they just truly gained their freedom a few years ago, and it’s strange to hear about how oppressive the American government was to them. I went down to the gift shop after and bought a book and a couple postcards for SO MUCH CHEAPER than the normal price! The guy was so nice! There were two kids, a guy and a girl, working there as well who were graduating high school just like me and the guy likes Macklemore so we listened to Can’t Hold Us until they had to go. It was such a good time! Just being here makes me so excited and happy. The weather is hot, the sun is strong, and the view is gorgeous no matter where you are. Afterwards, we went to Esperanza, which is basically a tourist town made up of bars and guest rooms where we hung out at Trade Winds for a solid hour and a half. It was nice to just relax and have a drink and tostones while waiting to go on the bay. Eventually, the time came and we took a bus down to the place where we watched a video about the organism that causes the bioluminescence. Then we split into two - 12 people to go on paddle boats and the rest to go on the big boat. It caused some problems because a lot of people wanted to go and obviously not everyone could. I was able to go on the paddle boats. Being out there in that big open space, with the glowing water beneath me and the vast expanse of sky full of twinkling stars overhead, was just jaw-droppingly breathtaking. I don’t have the words to do it justice. I would run my fingers through the water as we paddled and see the trail of green light it left in its wake. We got water guns that we could spray over the bay and make patterns and even shoot at some of our friends. It was just stunning. And the stars! I couldn’t get enough of them. That sky, hanging above my head, looking so close that I think I could reach out and grab a fistful stars, and yet so far away and incredibly out of reach. It was such a great experience.